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The #1 way executives use to control IT expenses, while improving security and productivity at the same time is by outsourcing to a managed services provider (MSP).


The pace at which IT changes is unprecedented

Mobile devices and cloud-based technologies brought so much possibility but also, more challenges. Today there’s a hodgepodge of platforms, devices and applications that need to be managed and secured by IT.

So how many full-time IT professionals will you need to staff to manage your IT infrastructure?

The average small business staffs 5 or more full-time IT professionals to keep systems operational and secure, but you won’t have to do that.

Here’s a secret no one tells you!

Thanks to the advancements of cloud-based technologies, companies like Penney Technology Solutions would take the place of a full-time IT professional at a bargain.

You can say good riddance to the frustrations that arise from staffing to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure in-house. This type of service is called Managed Services and we’re a managed services provider (MSP).

Contact us now to learn how you can double your overall productivity and instantly enjoy these advantages:

  • Lesson labor cost – It’s exceedingly expensive when you hire and train IT staff. Outsourcing reduces this expense and let’s you focus your budget on the areas you need it most.
  • Control IT costs – Now you can budget more effectively by only paying for what you use when you need it. Reduce risk – Outsourcing to a managed services provider like Penney Technology Solutions, means that we will assume and manage risk for you, especially, security and compliance issues. Including ensuring that systems are up to date, new technologies are implemented quickly and any cybersecurity vulnerabilities are addressed.
  • Level the playing field with the competition – Maybe you can’t afford to match the in-house IT support services that your much bigger competitor has but guess what? Outsourcing to us means that you can have access to similar technology and expertise. So go ahead and act ‘big’. We won’t tell.
  • Stay focussed on your business – Outsourcing enables your entire organization to remain focussed on your core business, rather than worrying about complex IT decisions.

At Penney Technology Solutions, we lighten the technological load for you by providing managed services and solutions that help you focus on your core business. Let us worry about IT infrastructure, security, networks and maintenance.

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